About PV Shenzhen

Première Vision area in the heart of Fashion Source, the biggest clothing OEM/ODM exhibition and one of China’s three biggest textile exhibitions.

Première Vision Shenzhen, with the brand integrity of PV at its core, aims to connect the world’s best brands with the most valuable suppliers, to bring excellent innovative products and leading manufacturing technology to China’s high-end fashion, independent designers and e-commerce brand buyers, to unlock the source of fashion trends, and to inspire designs.


10 – 12 April 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition
& Convention Center (BAO’AN)


Over 7500+㎡ of exhibition area
60+ Selected Global Exhibitors
6,000+ Specially Invited Buyers

Shenzhen April 2024

An exclusive community for chinese high-end fashion

Since the first exhibition, which ended in November 2020, PV Shenzhen has successfully held 6 sessions with 300 exhibitors and over 30,000 industry professionals in attendance.

Divided into 6 universes (yarns, fabrics, leather, accessories, designs, manufacturing), all exhibitors were selected for the creativity and quality of their collections.

To qualify for PV Shenzhen, each exhibitor must pass a strict exhibitor audit as well as an admission screening. The PV Shenzhen selection committee selects exhibitors based on product quality, innovation, financial health, corporate reputation, environmental awareness, and other factors to ensure that they meet PV standards.

An event with brand know-how

In 2020, Première Vision entered the Chinese market and rooted its first exhibition in Shenzhen. Première Vision SHENZHEN aims to assist leading textile suppliers from Europe and Asia in expanding their businesses in the rapidly maturing and growing Chinese market. It helps Chinese brands meet their rising demand for developing high-quality, differentiated, and innovative collections.

At the same time, Première Vision Shenzhen with the goal of bringing together the world’s most valuable brands and suppliers under one roof. Première Vision Shenzhen is determined to identify local textile enterprises that are driven by R&D and innovation as well as represent China’s first-class standard, so as to develop the global fashion business with products created in China.

Première Vision Shenzhen will be held concurrently with Fashion Source, China’s largest garment supply chain exhibition and one of the three major domestic textile exhibitions. It would demonstrate to buyers from China and international brands a complete and refined supply chain system, all the way from materials to ready-to-wear design.

They participated in PV Shenzhen:


These suppliers offer localized service solutions for businesses to establish brand identity and competitive advantages with innovative products and exquisite technology in various fields, ranging from functionality to differentiation, artistic presentation to sustainable development.

Show values

Your true business accelerator

Exhibitors at the Première Vision Shenzhen are carefully selected. Through the Première Vision’s unique and professional selection mechanism, we bring together creative products and workmanship from Asia and Europe in six fields: Yarns, Fabrics, Leather, Designs, Accessories, and Manufacturing. The event brings in reliable and comprehensive suppliers for brand buyers, while also ensuring that exhibitors are on the same stage as highquality brands.

Beyond a trade show, it is an unmissable industrial community


PVSZ Trend Area:

Firstly launching PV Color, Season and Eco-design Trend in China

The PV fashion team presents a new interpretation and artistic presentation of PV Shenzhen exhibitors’ new collections under PV trend system, promoting the variable possibilities of the integration with international fashion and local market.

PV Shenzhen Sustainable Focus Area:

The leading sustainable fashion solution platform in Asia
Focusing on the world-leading trends, and bringing together some of the most visionary and successful o‑ers regarding to fashion eco-responsible sourcing, including durability, sustainable production, social issues and traceability etc.. Setting up PVSZ Sustainable Fashion Pioneer Awards, to guide social responsibility procurement and grasp sustainable fashion business opportunities.
PV Shenzhen Smart Creation:
An area entirely dedicated to innovation solutions with Smart Material, Smart Technology, and certification services that shape (or will shape) the future of fashion, support the responsible transformation of the creative fashion industry.
PV Shenzhen China Craftsmanship Area:
Première area showcases the brilliant China Craftsmanship on commercial textiles in Modern Fashion. Fully discover the Chinese traditional intangible techniques and rare skills, build a bridge of chemistry communication for Workshop, brands, media. Encourage crafts to blaze a new trail and keep living transmission in contemporary fashion business development.

PV Shenzhen Sustainable Fashion Talks:

All you need to know about fashion sustainability progress in China

Exploring the main challenges and opportunities of China and Asia fashion industry, including material inovation, supply chain revolution, policy updates, business model evolvement, comsumer habbits etc.. Combining global trends with the current happening of fashion market in Asia, fashion experts are working together to make real progress in sustainability fashion.

PV Shenzhen VIP Club:

Team up with fashion and textile experts

Aiming to build up a warm & sustainable fashion communities, PVSZ VIP Club is o‑ering a space for experts doing business in China, to have a professional and honest conversation. Variaties of industry activities will be organized year-round including fashion talks, parties, workshops and Study Tour,for you to exchange idea, expand networking , and explore business opportunities.

PV Marketplace:

365 days online global business platform

An online catalog and community space dedicated to fashion professionals, complementing trade shows, helping designers easily request samples and order products.

Key Buyer’s Feedback

“We visit Première Vision in Paris every year. The arrival of Première Vision in Shenzhen is essential for us to develop suppliers in the future and get access to the latest collections and fashion trend information. I look forward to meeting more European suppliers at PV Shenzhen.”

ELLASSAY, Purchasing Director, Mr.Guodong XIA

“In the last 10 years, we have been visiting Fashion Source where we established cooperative relationship with our suppliers and witnessed its great development. We are pleasantly surprised that Première Vision has arrived in Shenzhen as a simultaneous show. The exhibitor selection standard is very compatible with our group’s supplier development. We are expecting that the organizer will expand the show and we will continue to visit PV Shenzhen show.”

EEKA, Director of Purchasing Center, Mr. Guangyi XU

“The first edition of Première Vision Shenzhen is integrated and the introduction of the PV Fashion Trends release is refreshing. We are very concerned about the advanced textile technologies and the latest fashion and design trends, which we can luckily find at the show. We look forward to more great exhibits and exciting events.”

Marisfrolg, Deputy General Manager of Group Supply Chain Center, Mr. Lingyun LI

“Sustainability is not a slogan, but a real on-the-ground practice, no matter from the material dimension of turning waste into treasure, or from the spiritual level of awakening consciousness. PV and PV Shenzhen exhibition dives deeply into this industrial chain, showing many selective excellent enterprises with sustainable practical application, from the source to the product, to truly promote the landing of sustainable fashion in China.”

Zhang Na, Director of the Recycled Clothing Bank and « #1 personality in sustainable fashion in China »